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previous shows

  • 8th November - 1st December 2012
    Douglas Abercrombie; new paintings: Peter Hide; new sculptures
    Douglas AbercrombiePeter Hide
    Paintings by Douglas Abercrombie and sculptures by Peter Hide, all made during the last two years, linked by scale, abstraction and the use of the cubic or the rectilinear.
  • 5th October - 27th October 2012
    John Panting: Sculpture
    To coincide with the first monograph on the work of John Panting, published by John Sansom and Poussin, this exhibition will show two large works from the Arts Council collection for the first time in decades, alongside smaller sculptures and prints.
  • 6th June - 30th June 2012
    Geoffrey Rigden: Paintings and Constructions 1975-2012
    A career survey, chosen and curated by Cuillin Bantock, of the paintings and painted constructions of this artist of distinction, erudition and sophisticated sensibility.
  • 21st March - 14th April 2012
    Garth Evans; evolving constructions 1959 - 1980
    Early works by Garth Evans, tracing the changes in his concerns with sculpture as object/non-object between c. 1960 and c. 1980. Includes unshown early wood constructions (1959-60); a 1972 steel frame construction; and a 1977 'carpet' piece.
  • 25th January - 18th February 2012
    Alan Gouk: New Paintings
    New paintings, large and small, by Alan Gouk, spectacular as ever. Gouk's work will also be on show at Delfina, 50 Bermondsey Street, during January, February and March. Please ring for details.
  • 26th October - 19th November 2011
    Colour and Substance
    Willard BoeppleJohn McLeanWilliam PerehudoffTim Scott
    Very new work by Boepple, McLean and Scott, work from the Eighties by Perehudoff in a show of ravishing colour and form.
  • 18th May - 11th June 2011
    Katherine Gili: A Career Survey
    A survey covering Gili's work from the Seventies to the present day, exploring her evolving preoccupations with physicality and the body, in sculptures which encompass both abstraction and figuration.
  • 11th February - 12th March 2011
    Alan DavieAlan GoukRobin GreenwoodJohn HoylandFred PollockAnne Smart
    High-ambition, high-complexity abstract art 1960-2010. Catalogue available. Please note - this show is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11-6. Sponsored by abstractcritical - go to to find out more and contribute to a new forum for abstract art.
  • 20th October - 13th November 2010
    Anne Smart: Twelve Paintings
    Spectacular new abstract paintings from 2007 to 2010.
  • 15th September - 9th October 2010
    Robin Greenwood: Abstract Sculpture and Painting
    Abstract sculpture and painting of new complexity and strong plastic and spatial form.
  • 19th May - 26th June 2010
    Rewired: Recent abstract paintings by C. Morey de Morand
    Large scale abstract paintings, whose shifting planes, harsh artificial colour and immaculate surfaces are inseparable from the 21st century city.
  • 10th March - 17th April 2010
    Poussin Review 2010: New to Sight
    Frank BowlingJohn HoylandIain RobertsonMark SkiltonDerek StockleyGary Wragg
    Poussin Gallery returns after a short break with New To Sight. Painting and sculpture from 1975 to the present. Some familiar names, some less so, all of whom share a commitment to a truly visual art.
  • 1st August - 30th November 2009
    Recent British Abstract Art - by appointment only until further notice
    Abstract painting and sculpture viewable by appointment.
  • 25th June - 18th July 2009
    Anthony Smart: New Sculpture
    Working "freestyle", Anthony Smart's new work points to a new, enriched direction for abstract sculpture, one engaging an endless matrix of spatial possibilities.
  • 28th May - 20th June 2009
    Paul Tonkin: Paintings
    Paul Tonkin's paintings are analogous to jazz in their improvisatory technique, simultaneity of pictorial events, allusions from the widest possible range of sources and strong but subtle colour combinations.
  • 23rd April - 23rd May 2009
    Peter Startup: The White Sculptures
    Works in painted wood and plaster, from the second half of Peter Startup's career. A strange and austere mix of the iconographies of still-life and classical antiquity, and a suble investigation, through the processes of casting, of the positive and negative spaces of real and reflected form.
  • 26th February - 28th March 2009
    Garth Evans: Sculpture from the Sixties
    Large-scale brightly coloured fibreglass works from the early career of this much acclaimed artist.
  • 14th January - 14th February 2009
    John McLean: Monotypes, Screenprints, Woodcuts, Drypoints and Carborundum Etchings
    New prints from the studio of Kip Gresham. Their shapes dance across the paper, revelling in and generating, as McLean has it, a “song to colour.” The range of prints and print-making techniques in the show testifies to his continuing inventiveness and desire to expand and clarify his expressive range.
  • 13th November - 20th December 2008
    Douglas Abercrombie: A Painting Retrospective
    Poussin’s closing exhibition of 2008 surveys the work of Scottish abstract painter Douglas Abercrombie, showcasing the best of an immensely productive career. Abercrombie’s work displays an evolving and often exquisite approach to colour, and a surprising painterly touch, one which allows him to fashion “spontaneous passages of form with a sweeping fluidity which moves the eye compellingly across all areas of the painted surface - down a diagonal, around a perimeter, across a space. ”
  • 18th September - 25th October 2008
    Ten Great Works from the Sixties and Seventies
    Douglas AbercrombieAnthony CaroRobyn DennyGarth EvansAlan GoukJohn HoylandJohn PantingBridget RileyTim ScottPeter Startup
    Poussin Gallery specialises in abstract painting and sculpture from the Sixties to the present-day. This special exhibition brings together singular early works by ten leading abstract artists.
  • 10th July - 16th August 2008
    Geometry and Colour: Recent Painting, Sculpture and Textiles
    Tom ChamberlainEmma Biggs & Matthew CollingsAlasdair DuncanSarah GreenwoodVanessa JacksonGeorge MeyrickC. Morey de MorandNigel O'NeillSheila VollmerGillian Wise
    Poussin Gallery’s summer show features artists who employ the basic elements of geometry, its points, lines and angles. These elements support an eclectic range of approaches to abstraction, forming works which engage with and extend various traditions or idiosyncrasies.
  • 29th May - 21st June 2008
    Mali Morris: New Paintings
    A show of new abstract paintings by Mali Morris.
  • 1st May - 28th May 2008
    Fred Pollock: A Career Survey
    Paintings by Fred Pollock from throughout his career, and including new work.
  • 3rd April - 26th April 2008
    'Pondlife' and other paintings: new work by Frank Bowling
    A show of new abstract paintings by Frank Bowling RA, painted over the past year or so, demonstrating Bowling's ample talents as a colourist and innovator.
  • 14th February - 8th March 2008
    William Perehudoff: Paintings 1967 - 1997
    William Perehudoff's career spans over 50 years as one of Canada's most eminent abstract painters. In this exhibition we have work from four decades, including early Post-painterly abstraction influenced by Kenneth Noland and Jack Bush, through to his original style of "Colour Chording" from the late Seventies and Eighties.
  • 15th January - 9th February 2008
    Poussin Review 2008: form and space
    Douglas AbercrombieFrank BowlingAlan GoukRobin GreenwoodPeter HideJohn McLeanMali MorrisJohn PantingWilliam PerehudoffFred PollockTim ScottAnne SmartPeter Startup
    An exhibition of abstract painting and sculpture from the Sixties to the present day. We continue to emphasise the Seventies, but also have some new work, which offers a contemporary vision of form and space. The exhibition starts at the London Art Fair on 15th January for one week, and continues at Poussin Gallery from the 24th January to the 9th February
  • 22nd November - 22nd December 2007
    John Panting Rediscovered
    Variations on minimal spatial themes by John Panting (1940 - 1974). The first solo showing of his work since the Serpentine Gallery retrospective in 1975. These small sculptures demonstrate eloquently Panting’s unique marriage of sensibility and intellect.
  • 4th October - 10th November 2007
    Alan Gouk: The Ulysses Series
    A major show of new paintings by one of the foremost large-scale abstract colourists working now. A fully illustrated colour catalogue is now available, with essays by Sam Cornish and Mel Gooding.
  • 24th May - 16th June 2007
    Patrick Jones: Paintings
    A career review from the early Eighties onwards of the work of this distinguished abstract painter, characterised by experimentation, variation and renewal. A vision of the possiblities for the medium of paint itself in the early work is combined with a strong sense of the power of abstract imagery in more recent work.
  • 26th April - 19th May 2007
    Peter Hide: Sculpture
    Career review of the steel sculptures of this important artist who studied at St. Martin's School of Art in the Sixties, was instrumental in setting up the artists' studios and annual exhibitions at Stockwell Depot, London, in the early Seventies, and who since 1979 has lived and worked in Canada, becoming Professor of Sculpture at the University of Alberta in 1984.
  • 15th March - 7th April 2007
    St. Martin's Sculptors
    The work of a group of sculptors who span four generations, who all studied at the world-famous sculpture department of St. Martin's School of Art. This show is the first in a projected series highlighting the variety and quality of three-dimensional work, both old and new, from artists whose careers began at St. Martin's during a period from the mid-Fifties to the mid-Eighties, and who all brought their own individual sensibilities to bear upon the shared pursuit of three-dimensionality in sculpture. Includes work by Phillip King, Tim Scott, Peter Hide, Katherine Gili, Anthony Smart and Alexandra Harley.
  • 8th February - 3rd March 2007
    John McLean: Paintings
    A major show of recent and new work by the pre-eminent abstract colourist. In a career spanning over four decades he has brought an exceptional talent and intelligence to the pursuit of colour harmony and contrast in abstract painting, and he has become internationally recognised as one of the foremost abstract painters working now.
  • 24th January - 3rd February 2007
    Poussin Review: Recent British abstract painting and sculpture
    Douglas AbercrombieAlan GoukRobin GreenwoodGeoff HollowVanessa JacksonDavid LendrumJohn McLeanMali MorrisFred PollockGeoffrey RigdenTim ScottAnne SmartPeter StartupPaul Tonkin
    Poussin Review returns to the gallery with a rehung show of more of the best in recent British abstract art.
  • 17th January - 21st January 2007
    Poussin at the London Art Fair
    Douglas AbercrombieAlan GoukJohn McLeanMali MorrisFred PollockTim ScottPeter Startup
    Poussin Gallery takes it foremost artists to the London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre, Upper Street, Islington. See us on Stand G8.
  • 2nd December - 16th December 2006
    Poussin Review 2006: Recent British abstract painting and sculpture
    Douglas AbercrombieAlan GoukRobin GreenwoodGeoff HollowVanessa JacksonDavid LendrumJohn McLeanMali MorrisFred PollockGeoffrey RigdenTim ScottAnne SmartPeter StartupPaul Tonkin
    Poussin Gallery was opened in September 2005 to show recent and new abstract painting and sculpture. The criteria for choosing what to exhibit were straightforward enough - we would show work that could sensibly be the subject of a reasoned and objective critique of its visual qualities, and that treated plastic and spatial values as pre-eminent. Our first ten shows are reprised in this exhibition of work from all the artists so far shown.
  • 26th October - 11th November 2006
    Short Circuit Since '79: Paintings by Vanessa Jackson
    This exhibition reviews the painting career of Vanessa Jackson since 1979. Well known as a lecturer and patron of various art causes, Jackson's own work is beginning to receive the exposure and critical acclaim it richly deserves. These highly charged, strongly coloured and robustly conceived works show an impressive technical commitment to the development of abstract paintings of real power.
  • 30th September - 21st October 2006
    Robin Greenwood: New Steel Sculpture
    New abstract sculptures from one of the founder/directors of Poussin, which redefine and extend the Modernist legacy of Caro's work from the Sixties. These sculptures explore the boundaries of large-scale formal and spatial values in three-dimensions, and have an original and sophisticated visual simplicity which yet avoids the banalities of Minimalism.
  • 7th September - 23rd September 2006
    Anne Smart: New Paintings
    New large abstract paintings which break with some of the accepted constrictions of recent abstraction by interrupting conventional rhythms of colour and form and rigorously experimenting with how painting is made.
  • 15th June - 1st July 2006
    Paintings by David Lendrum
    Abstract paintings dealing eloquently with the nature and organisation of the coloured brushmark, with dissolving compositions and luminous spatial colour harmonies.
  • 18th May - 10th June 2006
    Tim Scott: Sculptures in Forged Steel
    Abstract sculptures from the Eighties and Nineties by this internationally recognised artist, who came to prominence in the Sixties with the "New Generation". From rejecting traditional sculptural materials and methods in favour of constructions in metal and plastic, Scott's work now brings a new aesthetic to bear on an age-old technique of forging steel. Despite showing extensively in Europe, this will be Tim Scott's first one-man show in London since 1979.
  • 27th April - 13th May 2006
    Direct Colour: Paintings by Geoff Hollow
    Brilliant and beautiful abstract paintings from the Eighties and Nineties by Hollow, one of the finest abstract painters of his generation, who died in 1998.
  • 23rd March - 15th April 2006
    Seventies Abstract Painting: Part II
    John McLeanFred PollockPaul Tonkin
    Poussin continues its specialist review of British abstract art from the latter part of the 20th Century with important work from the early careers of these outstanding painters, characterised by strong colour and bold motifs, and including previously unseen works.
  • 17th November - 10th December 2005
    Mali Morris: Paintings from Four Decades
    Mali Morris is an abstract painter of international repute, whose art is immensely likeable and lucid. In this exhibition we explore the inventiveness of her career over four decades by hanging paintings from her breakthrough debut solo show at the Ikon Gallery in 1979 alongside work from the Eighties and Nineties, and from the last five years.
  • 20th October - 12th November 2005
    Peter Startup: Sculpture
    “Metamorphic” sculptures from the Sixties by one of the finest sculptors of his generation, who died in 1976. Startup remains, even after close scrutiny, an enigmatic figure in British sculpture, who produced work of both subtlety and quality. This will be the first major showing of Startup's work for ten years.
  • 22nd September - 15th October 2005
    Mainstream Abstract Painting from the Seventies
    Douglas AbercrombieAlan GoukGeoffrey Rigden
    Inaugural exhibition at Poussin Gallery, featuring bold and articulate abstract painting from the Seventies by three of the leading exponents, who brought to bear their own original kind of engagement with the medium in a more plastic handling and an increased intensity of colour values, compared with their American peers.