24th May - 16th June 2007

Opening: 24th May 2007

Patrick Jones:


paintings 1982 - 1996

paintings 1997 - present


Patrick Jones: Paintings

Approaching the blank canvas, sometimes as its on the floor, circling it, looking to picture ideas, Patrick Jones is no slave to external systems that for some artists impose themselves on their art.  Rather he looks afresh for ideas - ideas that are pure color and form on the surface with no external relationship.  For him it is a visual language from which arise pictorial events to be savored. Though intuitive and of the moment, his painterly decisions are informed by decades of experience.  But these are choices open to all, as Jones investigates his own sensitivity for what any person might equally experience.  And so we viewers must play along with the artist as he pushes and pulls colors into forms on the canvas, everything open to change as he intensely studies the possibilities. Fixate on the whole and see the large-scale relationships as they form patterns and visual spaces or scan the details and feel the nuances of the picture. This is how the meaning of such work affects us: not through the precision of semantic reference, but through the ambiguity of pragmatic effect.

Sanford Wurmfeld
Phyllis and Joseph Caroff Professor of Fine Art
Hunter College, CUNY
2 May 2007

Patrick Jones website http://www.patrickjonesartist.com/index.html