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Robin Greenwood

Robin Greenwood was born in 1950 in Manchester, and for most of the time since 1968 has lived and worked in London. He was a student of Peter Kinley and Peter Startup at Wimbledon School of Art in the late Sixties, and then studied sculpture under Anthony Caro, Tim Scott and Alan Gouk at St.Martin's School of Art in the early Seventies. He taught sculpture at Wimbledon and St.Martin's up until 1984.

His first solo show of sculpture was at P.M.J.Self, Covent Garden, in 1975. He was a major Arts Council Award winner in 1978, selected by Bryan Robertson; showed constructed wood sculpture in a subsequent Arts Council Exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in 1979; first showed steel sculpture in the Stockwell Depot Show of 1979; showed forged steel sculpture in "Sculpture From The Body" at the Tate in 1984, and in "New Sculpture From Britain" at the Conde Duce, Madrid in 1988; and had a first solo show of paintings at the Consort Gallery, Imperial College, London in 1993. In 2000 his architectural collaboration with Blauel Architects won the Blueprint Best New Residential Building Award. He is a founder/director of Poussin, and works as a sculptor, painter, and occasional writer. Essays can be found on this site and at, of which he is a co-founder/director.